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Boulder Summit Jacket

The Boulder Summit Jacket is created specifically for the active hunter who requires the versatility of having to deal with periods of both high exertion, combined with periods of low activity. We understand the needs of the mobile hunter, and recognise the requirement to regulate core body temperature. Thus we have equipped this hunting jacket with features that will enable you to both retain warmth and expel excess body heat.

AU$ 209.95
Less Sales Tax: AU$ 190.86
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Schist Convert Shirt

Created to deal with changeable conditions often encountered during the shifting of the seasons, this hard wearing, convertible hunting shirt is designed for cool mornings and warm days; easily going from heavyweight hunting shirt to fully functioning vest. Zip off sleeves allow this garment to vastly exceed the cooling capability of regular apparel venting. Our tightly woven face fabric with DWR finish allows for wind resistance and protection from the elements, negating the need for a membrane while maintaining fabric breathability.

AU$ 179.95
Less Sales Tax: AU$ 163.59
Zircon Zephyr Hoody

Mid weight insulation favouring milder conditions. The Zircon Zephyr Hoody features a permanent hood offering increased concealment and head warmth when required. Sleeve cuff thumb holes provide increased hand insulation during chilly mornings, while pack compatible and extendable hand pocket / core vents allow access whether wearing a pack harness or belt bag.

AU$ 129.95
Less Sales Tax: AU$ 118.14
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Stone Sun Shirt

A lightweight shirt developed for the warm weather hunter. The Stone Sun Shirt features a breathable, non porous, lightweight fabric construction designed to provide relief in warm to hot hunting conditions. Huge underarm mesh panels coupled with large pack compatible back vents further enhance the garments breathability. Features built into the design such as a 3 stage collar, extendable cuffs and a UPF 20 rating provides sun protection in arid environments. While factory treated fabric repellency ensures added protection from insects to the tropical or swampland hunter.

AU$ 99.95
Less Sales Tax: AU$ 90.86
Based on 1 reviews.
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