OmniVeil BUFF®


The Original BUFF® is a seamless, tubular, multifunctional head wear accessory offering extremely useful versatility that can be used in many different combinations during both warm to cool conditions. Treated with Polygiene® anti odour technology and manufactured to not emit ultravoilet light.

Worlds first Original BUFF® to not reflect ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet light falls just outside the visible spectrum of the human eye, as such we cannot naturally perceive this light without the use of specialised lighting equipment. However this may not necessarily be the case with other creatures of the animal kingdom. It is now widely accepted that bee’s along with other insects can see into the ultraviolet spectrum, helping them to find nectar in flowers who’s petals reflect ultraviolet wavelengths. Research reveals that birds too may be able to detect ultraviolet light. However, the landmark study in 1992 at the University of Georgia first revealed that deer also may actually be able to see into the ultraviolet spectrum. This may be problematic to the hunter whose clothing may in fact emit ultraviolet light, particularly during dawn and dusk periods when deer and many other game species tend to be most active. Untreated hunting fabrics may possibly alert game species to a hunters presence during these times…

Due to this risk, we have always been vigilant to ensure all production fabrics we utilise do not reflect ultraviolet light. We did however encounter a problem when we began to source suppliers to produce our face veil products with all printed samples emitting ultraviolet light! Every sample we tested from numerous suppliers would glow brightly. Numerous failed attempts to rectify this problem eventually led us to BUFF®, located in Igualada, Spain; inventors and developers of the Original BUFF®.

We began to work closely with BUFF® in an attempt to rectify the problem of glowing fabric that may possibly be detected by the eyes of target species such as deer. Eventually being successful in developing a fabric that would not reflect ultraviolet light.

Our OmniVeil BUFF® is the worlds first Original BUFF® developed specifically to not reflect ultraviolet light, safeguarding any possibility of being detected by species that may be able to see into the ultraviolet spectrum, thereby giving the hunter an extra edge and confidence in the field.

ultraviolet buff
We tested many samples from numerous suppliers, however every sample tested exhibited a propensity to reflect ultraviolet wavelengths. Here we check two samples inside a light viewing booth.
ultraviolet buff
Photographed under natural ambient light, on the left we have a regular Original BUFF® printed in our OmniVeil™ camouflage, on the right is displayed our OmniVeil BUFF®. Note that there is no discernible difference noticed under natural daylight.
ultraviolet buff
When tested under a black light the difference is quite staggering, the untreated BUFF® is shown to glow brightly, while our OmniVeil BUFF® is all but invisible.
ultraviolet buff
Here we have both products turned inside out, with the exact same results observed.

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12 month warranty.
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