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We have specifically designed the Boulder Summit Jacket for the active hunter who demands the versatility of having to cope with high output activities such as climbing and backpacking, combined with periods of low activity such as ambush hunting, still-hunting and glassing. It features a stretch woven face fabric bonded to a fleece backing that provides wind resistance, breathability and insulation. We understand the needs of the mobile hunter, and recognise the requirement to regulate core body temperature. Thus we have equipped this hunting jacket with features that will enable you to both retain warmth and expel excess body heat.

We have configured our pocket placement to give access to all pockets, whether wearing a daypack, beltbag or full harness system.
Our jacket features long 38cm (15″) pit ventilation zippers. We have configured our pit zippers to sit lower down the torso. This has a dual benefit;
1. It allows for more of the torso area to be exposed to cooling when required.
2. Our pit zippers sit in-line with our hand pockets. As such they may be used as a kangaroo pocket for times when you may need to warm your hands by cupping them together inside the jacket.
Our jacket cuffs incorporate a zippered mesh lined gusset to assist with heat regulation and passive convection.
This feature allows for a snug forearm fit to prevent drafting in cool weather while it also permits the user to pull their sleeves up. This is beneficial for a hunting jacket as it allows for minimal garment spoilage when field dressing game.
The Boulder Summit Jacket features elastic draw cords on both the collar and hem to assist with body heat regulation.

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  1. How much/$ and what the largest size you go to

    1. Our sizing range goes from sizes Small to 3X Large. Here is a link to our product page:

      Boulder Summit Jacket

  2. Just got mine- great bit of kit.

    1. Thanks for your support mate.

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