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Whats you choice in base layer fabric?

Whats your baselayer fabric choice?

Over the years during our own personal hunting adventures we have tried various fabrics in base layer garments; cotton blends, polypropylene, polyester, merino wool, bamboo blends, etc, etc… For us there have been two stand out fabrics – polyester & merino wool…however they are both very different, & have their own advantages & disadvantages… What […] Read More

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Worlds first Original BUFF® to not reflect ultraviolet light

camouflage buff

Ultraviolet light falls just outside the visible spectrum of the human eye, as such we cannot naturally perceive this light without the use of specialised lighting equipment. However this may not necessarily be the case with other creatures of the animal kingdom. It is now widely accepted that bee’s along with other insects can see […] Read More

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The centre back seam is an integral part of any pant design, creating the required shape for a well fitting garment. However, we have long identified this stitch line as a potentially high wear area for many hunters who spend time observing game from a seated position. The mountain hunter in particular can spend long […] Read More