Base Layer Evaluation – Constructing Harlequin Half Tops

Base Layer

In order to test the differences between polyester and merino wool fabric during actual field use, we decided to utilise a harlequin half tops design method. These harlequin half tops have been constructed in a local facility using general grades of polyester and merino wool fabrics that can be expected to be found in typical […] Read More

Base Layer Evaluation – Synthetic and Natural Fabrics

Base Layer

The base layer is an important consideration to the hunter who wants to maximise the performance of their layering system. The moisture management capabilities of a well-performing base layer cannot be overstated. Over the years there have been various fibres and fabrics used to produce base layer products. Synthetic fabrics have enjoyed dominance in the […] Read More

What’s your choice in base layer fabric?

choice in base layer

Broadly speaking, choice in base layer fabric can be classified into two major categories; natural and synthetic. Over the years during our own personal hunting adventures we have tried various fabrics in base layer garments; cotton blends, polypropylene, polyester, merino wool, bamboo blends, etc, etc… For us there has been two stand out fabrics – […] Read More