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The centre back seam is an integral part of any pant design, creating the required shape for a well fitting garment. However, we have long identified this stitch line as a potentially high wear area for many hunters who spend time observing game from a seated position. The mountain hunter in particular can spend long periods behind binoculars or spotting scope, often seated on rough or rocky terrain.

The longer you participate in this form of hunting, the greater your chances for eventual seam failure to occur; exposing you to the risk of broken seam stitching along with the associated discomfort…potentially ruining your hunting experience. Having been exposed to this problem ourselves in the past with other pant designs; we sought to find a solution…

The image above demonstrates a centre back seam that has broken through the first level of stitching. This particular garment uses an over-lock construction for the seam stitch, therefore the remaining chain overedge thread continues to hold the garment together. The seam has however been compromised and weakened. Continued usage may likely see complete failure in time.

Sometimes even the use of reinforcement fabric does not safeguard against seam thread breakage. The centre back seam can often be considered a weak link in a high wear area for the dedicated mountain hunter.

Centre Back Seam

Seamless Centre Back

Conventional Pant



The removal of the centre back seam allows us to increase the durability and longevity of our garments in this high wear area.

Through careful crafting and garment design, and after multiple prototypes we eventually discovered the necessary adaptations required to develop a pant featuring a seamless centre back seam. However, removing the back stitching and the associated risk of seam breakage was only the first step.

Through our early prototype testing in wild and rugged mountain environments, we realized that most of the typical fabrics used in garment construction were generally incapable of withstanding the rigours of hard mountain hunting usage when located in the seat region of a pant . We felt that this area required reinforcement, and it was during this time that we began to experiment with leading reinforcement fabric technologies. We soon discovered that CORDURA® brand fabric gave us the long lasting durability we required. Being globally renowned as leaders in developing the world’s toughest reinforcement fabrics, our final choice in finding the ultimate solution ended up being an easy one.

We began to work closely with CORDURA® fabric in an attempt to further enhance the capability of our seamless centre back seat design. Ultimately we selected 330 denier nylon CORDURA® Naturalle™ fabric, to this we have bonded a waterproof and breathable polyurethane membrane with a polyester backing. In doing so we have developed a one-piece waterproof, breathable, abrasion resistant dry seat without centre back seam stitching; not requiring any seam taping to maintain waterproofing while totally eliminating any risk of centre back seam failure.

So if you find yourself spending lots of time glassing game in mountains, or like the idea of being able to sit on a wet log without the risk of getting wet…

We have developed the ultimate solution for you…

Durable Water Repellent

Polyester Backing

Naturalle™ fabric

Polyurethane Membrane

The first level of waterproofing,
ensuring water beads up and
runs off the face fabric.

Creating insulation while also
protecting the waterproof
breathable membrane from
internal abrasion.

CORDURA® fabrics are designed for
living and built to last, providing
exceptional resistance to tears, scuffs,
and abrasions.

Creating a waterproof barrier to help
keep you dry while seated, the
waterproof membrane also maintains
breathability, ensuring excess perspiration



3 Layer Construction

Abrasion Resistant



Designed for use on rough or wet surfaces, our NOSEAMSEAT™ is a one piece dry seat that affords protection when seated on waterlogged objects, offering additional relief when glassing from rocky vantages, while dramatically prolonging garment longevity.







CORDURA® is a trademark of INVISTA for durable fabric.

Posted on 2 Comments

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