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Schist Convert Pant Resource Information

Created to deal with changeable conditions often encountered during the shifting of the seasons, this mid weight convertible hunting pant is designed for cool mornings and warm days; easily converting from full length hunting pant to functioning cargo short. Zip off legs allow this garment to vastly exceed the cooling capability of regular apparel venting. This garment utilises our NOSSEAMSEAT™; featuring a waterproof, breathable, DWR treated, hard wearing dry seat together with reinforcement inner cuffs using industry leading CORDURA® brand fabric; providing exceptional resistance to tears, scuffs, and abrasions. Our tightly woven main body fabric with DWR finish allows for wind protection while maintaining fabric breathability negating the need for a membrane; while also improving the pants resistance to the collection of burrs and grass seeds.

Integrated belt

Double cargo pocket

Reinforced waterproof cuffs

Reinforced waterproof seat

Zip off legs

Our Schist Convert Pant features a long cuff zipper and zip off leg construction, allowing this garment to go from full length pant to cargo short.
Lower pant leg removal is achieved via YKK semi-automatic lock sliders.
Many South Pacific mountain hunters know the benefits of hunting in functional cargo shorts. From the associated heat output generated when grinding uphill with a laden pack, to crossing rivers and streams; the design of our SCHIST CONVERT PANT allows for this garment to be converted into a short, keeping you cooler when under times of exertion and eliminating drying time of pant lower legs while travelling through river country. When a hunting short is not required the lower legs can be zipped back on to return this garment to full pant functionality.







CORDURA® is a trademark of INVISTA for durable fabric.

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  1. I like this pants very much.Thank you for the review and the good pant details, Greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Eltu,

      Thanks very much for your interest.

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