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The proper cleaning and washing of your hunting clothing is an important consideration to ensure optimum performance of your gear. Spending time in the outdoors pursuing wild game will ultimately lead to your hunting clothes being exposed to the likes of mud, blood, grit and grime. These can have a degrading effect on your hunting clothing so its important to keep them maintained.

Ultraviolet light and detergent fragrances

Unlike other outdoor pursuits, hunters need to be mindful of some additional factors when cleaning their hunting clothing. The landmark study in 1992 at the University of Georgia revealed that game animals such as deer may likely see into the ultraviolet light spectrum. As many fabrics and detergents nowadays contain ultraviolet brighteners, this may potentially and negatively affect a hunters rate of success in the field. We test all our production fabrics to ensure they do not reflect ultraviolet light, so this concern can be alleviated when purchasing our products. However, care needs to be taken when washing your hunting clothing to ensure detergents are used that avoid ultraviolet brighteners.

Another unique factor faced by hunters when washing their hunting clothes is the smell the garments emit. Most detergents on the market use perfumes or fragrances to give a pleasant smell to newly washed clothing. These fragrances may, however, be unnatural when in a bush setting. Of course, remaining upwind is the most important consideration when hunting. But every little bit can help to stack the odds in your favour, so a neutral smelling garment can be favourable.

Washing your hunting clothing with Nikwax products

For these reasons, we suggest you wash your hunting clothing in a detergent that contains no ultraviolet brighteners and that also leave your garments without any unnatural smell or fragrance after washing. Having tried many cleaning detergents on the market, we can now recommend Nikwax products for the washing and maintenance of our clothing range.

We recommend using Nikwax Tech Wash® for the cleaning of our products. Tech Wash® is an easy to use, safe, high-performance cleaner for technical outerwear clothing and equipment. It effectively removes tough bloodstains, mud, dirt, and the smell of campfire smoke. TechWash® is scent-free and contains no UV brighteners.

How to wash your hunting clothing using Nikwax Tech Wash®:

Follow the directions for how to best wash your hunting clothing.

  1. Use undiluted TechWash® and a sponge, or soft nylon brush, to treat stubborn stains before washing.

  2. Remove all non-washable parts. Ensure all zippers and closures are fastened.

  3. Follow care label instructions.

  4. Shake bottle well before use.

  5. Do not use other detergents when washing your hunting clothing.

Top Loading washing machine:

  1. Place a maximum of 6 garments in a washing machine.
  2. After the machine has filled add 150ml for 1-3 garments or 250ml for 4-6 garments. Add additional 50ml for hard water* areas.
  3. Set cycle to Heavy and Warm. For 1-3 garments set: low water level. For 4-6 garments set: medium water level.

Front loading washing machine:

  1. Remove all detergents from the detergent dispenser.
  2. Place a maximum of 2 garments in the washing machine.
  3. Add 100ml of TechWash®. Add additional 50ml for hard water* areas.
  4. Set cycle to Synthetics and Warm (30ºC)

Washing hunting clothes by hand:

Use gloves.

  1. Immerse item(s) in 6 litres hand-hot water in sink or bowl.
  2. Use 50ml per item in soft water areas. Add additional 50ml per garment in hard water* areas.
  3. Agitate to mix.
  4. Rinse 3 times in clean water.

*If you have calcium or mineral deposits in your washing machine you have hard water.

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  1. Thank you for writing this. Really insightful and helpful to all of us hunters.

    1. Thanks for your comment Alex, we aim to create free content in order to highlight issues that people might not be aware of. When it comes to washing hunting clothes, not many realise that the generic, off the shelf detergents we use from supermarkets contain perfumes and UV brighteners that will impact negatively while hunting.

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