The spirit to roam and explore the natural world exists within all true and dedicated hunters. An age-old instinct ingrained into our very soul that predates the luxuries of the modern world we live in. Although a large percentage of today’s society has now forgotten what our forebears had mastered… that is, to understand the wilderness and the animals that live within it. For many, a return to our ancestral hunting heritage provides natural escapism, personal challenge and freedom from the hustle and bustle realities of living in this twenty-first-century world.

There can be no greater antidote for our current domestication than to enter the forest primeval…and stalk some elusive wild beasts.

We also have long been drawn into seeking such liberation and adventure in pursuit of this very challenge. Testing our will and our skill against the game animals that dwell within the wilderness world. Our journey has led us to destinations and acquainted us with adventures that we would otherwise never have experienced, and for this, we are immensely grateful.

During this time and through our exposure we have developed an empathy and appreciation for what is required to survive, endure and ultimately be successful in the varied habitats that wild animals call home. To witness is to have seen, and to know is to experience… and we have shivered on mountains, and we have sweltered in deserts

Our concepts, our ideas and our motivation have been Born Through Adventure…
By virtue of application, and as a consequence of hard-won insight we strive to apply understanding and awareness into creating practical solutions to benefit the avid, dedicated hunter. This ultimate goal we venture to continuously fulfil…

Mountain to Floodplain