Need to return a product?

Do you require a size exchange or wish to submit a warranty claim? We aim to streamline the process for you, please follow the information listed on this page and we will strive to complete your product return as swiftly as possible.

For your convenience, whenever you checkout on our website as a first-time buyer we will automatically generate an account for you; this will greatly simplify your experience when you need to return a product. After you complete your first order on our website, you will be sent an email to the address you used to complete the purchase. If you did not receive an email notification, please check your spam/junk folder.

Both your new Username and a link to create a password will be contained within this email. Please ensure you keep this information confidential and consider changing your password periodically.

Returning Products

Before sending a product back to us, we suggest you review our Warranty and Returns policy.

To begin the product return process please Login to your account on our website, you may use your username or email address. If you cannot remember or have lost your password you can request a new password by submitting the email address used to register on our website within the Lost Password form. After submitting your forgotten password request, you will be sent an email with a link to set a new password. You may use this to log in to your account.

Once logged in you will automatically be taken to your account dashboard, if this doesn’t occur you can also access your account settings from the footer of our website ‘My Account’ link. Clicking on the ‘Order’ tab will list all your previous purchases. You may click on the ‘View’ button to see your order details.

Clicking on the ‘Return’ button will display all products from an order in list form. You may select the checkbox to choose the product you wish to return. Once your product is selected, click on the ‘Return’ button again.

We provide a twelve (12) month warranty for our products, not seeing a ‘Return’ button on your order page will mean that your product warranty period has expired for the current item.

You will now be taken to the ‘Product Return’ form. For your convenience, your personal details will remain in our system and you will not need to list them here. If you require products to be shipped to a different address please let us know in the comment section at the bottom of this form.

Product Return form for website orders

The Product Return form will enable you to describe and select the reasons and choices when returning products. Options on the form are described below:

Product selection

Your chosen product will automatically be selected. If you have chosen multiple products of the same size you can determine how many you wish to return from the dropdown menu.

(Note: Products selected as part of a Bundle can not be individually selected here, you will need to choose the entire Bundle and instruct us of your choice within the ‘Please provide further information’ section found at the bottom of this form.)

What type of product return do you require?

You will have three options to choose from:

  • Replacement item: If you require your product to be exchanged, select this option.
  • Refund: If you would like a refund of the value of your product, select this option.
  • Refund as store credit: If you require a refund but would prefer store credit instead of a monetary refund, select this option and we will send you a coupon to the value of your returned product.

Reason for return

Please tell us the reason for returning your product:

  • Exchange Size
  • Defective Item
  • Order Error
  • Other

Has the product been used?

Size exchanges and change of mind returns will only be honoured for products in brand new condition with all hang tags attached in the original packaging.

  • Required size:
    If you need to change product sizing, please select your required size from the dropdown menu.

  • Please provide further information:
    You can provide us with further details to better describe the nature of your product return.

  • Upload and send us a picture:
    You may upload an image to illustrate the nature of your return request.

Clicking the Submit button at the bottom of the form will initiate the return process, and you will shortly thereafter receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email confirmation please check your spam/junk folder. Once we have reviewed your product return application, we will send you an updated email with further instructions on how to proceed with your product return; including a forwarding shipping address.

Shipping your products

Once we have reviewed your application and if deemed applicable, you will receive email instructions to proceed with your product return. We strongly recommend you use postage with a tracking service when sending your items. We take no responsibility for items that do not reach us.

We will provide a link within the secondary email, clicking on it will take you to your account page, from there you can add a tracking code to your order to safeguard against postage loss potentially.

Reviewing your product return status

At any time you may log into your account to view the status of your product return. Simply go to your ‘My Account page, click on the ‘Orders’ tab and find your order containing your product return. Clicking on the ‘View Return Status’ button will enable you to stay up to date with the current status of your product return.

We will aim to process any product return you may submit as quickly as possible, however reviewing any application can sometimes be a complicated process. We truly appreciate your patience as we work to resolve your return request.