One hunting camo for most conditions

Do you want to be successful as a hunter? Then finding the best hunting camo pattern for your environment can be of great benefit. Being less visible to the game animals you are hunting can lead to more encounters and better success. But what’s the best camo pattern for you?

In our experience, the best hunting camo for the mobile hunter needs to be versatile. For it’s likely that you’ll be moving through different terrain during the course of a hunt. The ability of a camo pattern to adapt to different habitats can be of great benefit to the active hunter.

It’s for this reason we developed the OmniVeil camouflage pattern (Omni – in all ways or places, everywhere / Veil – to conceal, hide or obscure). We use proven core camouflage principles as the foundation of the design. OmniVeil is capable of delivering adaptable concealment within varied hunting environments.

How does our camo work?

The evolution of our camouflage has been an ongoing process that’s been many years in the making. In the beginning, it began as a mimetic pattern, then moved onto an abstract design. It underwent many iterations with more than 60 versions created. Our goal to create the best hunting camo led us to finally develop Random Tonal Microstructure. This is the core framework behind our camouflage construction.

Our camouflage does not use any geometric elements (pixels, squares, hexagons). Nor does it rely on photo-realistic imagery (branches, leaves, grass). Composed of splattered, random, shapeless tonal flecks; the use of Random Tonal Microstructure allows us to deliver two very important outcomes. This hunting specific camouflage can both blend you in and also break up your outline.

hunting camouflage
Camo that just works


Blending you in

Coincident disruption

Coincident disruption refers to a camouflage’s ability to blend into its surroundings, without attempting to mimic it. Created with an abstract design, our hunting camouflage does not use HD imagery. With no photographic elements such as branches and leaves, it does not aim to mimic any specific environment.

This creates camouflage that delivers versatile blending capability over diverse environments. Helping you to stay hidden in varied terrain.

hunting camouflage
Camo that just works


Breaking you up

Outline obliteration

As distances increase, one major drawback of many camouflage patterns is blobbing out. This occurs when the tones and colours unite into a single tonal value, creating a dark silhouette at distance. Making you stand out and potentially exposing you.

To correct this problem, we use macro pattern elements to break up your silhouette. In this way confusing the game animals you are hunting by disrupting your human outline.

hunting camouflage

Camo that just works

Give yourself the edge

Hunting wary game animals can be difficult. It requires skill, perseverance, and luck to be successful. Using the best hunting camo pattern for your conditions can better conceal you. Therefore helping to stack the odds in your favour by keeping you hidden over a wider range of habitats.

Trusted by thousands of hunters, TUSX products exclusively use OmniVeil camouflage. The most effective camouflage solution to both blend you in and break you up.

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