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For hunters, the right clothing isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s essential for comfort, performance, and even safety in the field. But for many hunters, buying clothes online that fit correctly can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Unlike visiting a physical store and trying things on, online shopping presents unique challenges. The report by Coresight Research reveals a staggering 24.4% return rate for apparel brands, leading to a frustrating cycle of online orders, returns, and wasted time. But what if you could eliminate the guesswork and frustration of online hunting apparel shopping?

The Inconsistency of Sizing Standards

While online size charts can offer a starting point, they often fail to account for the nuances between brands.  Further complicating matters, most hunters shopping online are likely unaware that there is no universal size standard for clothing. Without a standard, brands essentially create their own sizing guides. You’ve probably already noticed this yourself.  You may have two pairs of hunting pants from different brands – both with the same fit, but labelled with entirely different sizes.

Imagine a hunter with the following measurements:

  • Chest: 102cm (40.1”)
  • Waist: 86cm (33.8”)
  • Hip: 96cm (37.7”)
  • Inseam: 84cm (33”)

Entering these measurements into a generic size calculator like can yield a confusing range of sizes – anywhere from S to 3XL for tops depending on the brand! Pant sizing is no better, with a similar range across various brands.  So if not being able to try on products wasn’t bad enough, the inconsistency in sizing adds another layer of frustration.

Thankfully, innovative solutions are emerging to simplify the process of finding the perfect fit for your hunting apparel.

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Confidence starts with comfort

Well fitting hunting clothes become an extension of yourself, providing the comfort and performance you need to push your limits

Tailoring technology for the modern hunter

At TUSX, we understand the frustrations associated with traditional sizing methods.  That’s why we’ve developed a two-pronged approach to ensure you get the right fit for your hunting needs:

Online sizing calculator: Demystifying measurements

Our interactive sizing calculator takes the guesswork out of online shopping.  This user-friendly tool asks you a series of simple questions to gather key body measurements, including chest circumference, waist measurement, height, and even your preferred fit (loose, regular, or tight).

By factoring in these details, the calculator generates a personalized size recommendation specifically tailored to your unique body type.  This eliminates the need to order multiple sizes and reduces the hassle of returns.

Beyond Alpha sizing: Clearer path to a perfect fit

Recognizing the limitations of traditional alpha sizing (S, M, L, etc.), TUSX has developed its own unique size label system.  This system moves beyond generic letters and uses descriptive labels that accurately reflect the garment’s actual measurements, making it easier to buy clothes online that fit.

Instead of S, M, L, XL, and so on, we utilize labels like M1, M2, M3, and so forth.  The “M” prefix signifies menswear, while the numbers represent the size range:

  • M1: Smallest size in the range.
  • M2: Next size up from M1.
  • M3: Next size up from M2, and so on.

This system offers several advantages:

  • Clarity and Concision: You can easily understand the garment’s actual size based on the numerical label.
  • No Ambiguity: The “M” prefix eliminates confusion with other sizing systems.
  • Improved Consistency: The system ensures consistent sizing across all garments within the same category, regardless of style or fabric.

A future of streamlined shopping

The TUSX online sizing calculator and our unique size label classifications represent a significant step towards a more streamlined and enjoyable online shopping experience for hunters.

These innovative solutions empower you to navigate the sizing maze with confidence, ensuring you find garments that flatter your body, enhance comfort, and ultimately, allow you to focus on what matters most – the thrill of the hunt.

Ready to experience the perfect fit?

Visit any product page on our website and try out our online sizing calculator.  With TUSX, finding the perfect fitting hunting clothing is no longer a challenge, but a few simple clicks away.

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