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When crawling or kneeling in rugged environments, knee pad protection can be a big advantage. However, we all have different leg length configurations so getting the correct knee pad fit is important to prevent discomfort. Our HardRock Crawl Pad features a two-level trimming adjustment method to ensure the knee pads fit correctly. Made from ultralight, hydrophobic EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) the knee pads weigh only 54gr / 1.9oz each. They are also fully compatible with TUSX pants featuring the HardRock Vent Pouch™ technology.

Versatile and adjustable knee pads

  • Two levels of trimming adjustment to ensure correct knee pad fit
  • Ultralight non-absorbant EVA composition
  • Fully compatible with TUSX HardRock Vent Pouch™

Fitting pads correctly

Firstly, before making any adjustments you will need to check how the knee pads fit when kneeling. Insert the knee pad into the opening of the HardRock Vent Pouch™ when it is unzipped. Once the knee pad is centred inside the pouch, close the zipper all the way by securing the slider into the zipper garage.

Check the position when kneeling

To test the knee pad placement, first assume a kneeling or crawling position. Note where the knee pad is located beneath your knee. It should ideally be situated at its middle point.

How to fit knee pads if the position is incorrect

Sometimes, the knee pads fit may not be ideal depending on individual leg lengths. If the knee pad rides up when bending your knee and does not contact with the ground sufficiently, it will require trimming adjustment.

Make sure the incorrect knee pad placement is repeatable as once trimmed the pads can no longer be re-joined. If the pad does not make correct contact with the ground after multiple tries, continue to the next step.

Trimming the knee pad

Using a sharp pair of scissors, trim at the ‘Level 1 TRIM’ that is marked on the front of the knee pad. Insert the pad into the HardRock Vent Pouch™ again and secure the zipper. Test the knee pad placement by once again assuming a kneeling or crawling position. If now centred correctly when kneeling, adjustment of the knee pad can be considered complete.

Additional trimming if required

With two levels of adjustment, the HardRock Crawl Pad allows for further tailoring. If the knee pad continues to fall short and does not adequately contact the ground, trim at ‘LEVEL 2 TRIM’. Once again test the knee pad fit and check its position when kneeling. This now represents the final level of adjustment.

If the knee pad’s position is below the knee

Depending on individual leg lengths, the knee pad fit may sometimes travel in the opposite direction and sit below the knee when kneeling. If this occurs and the knee pad does not make contact with the ground, you may need to raise the knee pad higher before executing a kneeling position.

This can be achieved by pulling the trouser leg upwards slightly before kneeling. IN THIS CIRCUMSTANCE DO NOT TRIM THE ADJUSTABLE KNEE PADS.

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  1. It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

    1. Thanks, we did put a lot of thought into this design. Our knee pads have been well received and we have been getting good feedback on this product. Thanks again.

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