Hunting pants with knee pads and venting – HardRock Vent Pouch

The use of vented hunting pants can allow excess body heat to be readily expelled, this can be a big advantage for the active hunter. Likewise, hunting pants with knee pads will prove useful for the user forced to kneel or crawl in demanding outdoor environments. Incorporating these features into a hunting pant with both knee pads and venting can be considered the ultimate solution.

There are basically two options for hunting pants that have knee pads, removable and permanently sewn in. We prefer and focus on the removable design system for the following reasons:

  1. Knee pads can be used only when required, reducing the weight and bulk of the pant.

  2. Thicker knee pads may be used, providing more cushioning and comfort.

  3. Knee pads may be removed, preventing heat and sweat build-up behind the knee pad area.

  4. Our custom design also allows for extended venting capability.

Inserting cushioning knee pads into a hunting pant can sometimes be problematic depending on the insertion method. Some designs require insertion from the top, others from the bottom. Loading knee pads from inside the pant is yet another system. We experimented, prototyped, and tested all of these methods. However, the usability in the field left us dissatisfied.

Side Entry


  • Quick and easy loading
  • Removable, cushioning, and hydrophobic EVA knee pads
  • CORDURA® Brand Fabric reinforcement
  • Secured with YKK® automatic locking zippers

Developing both venting and knee pads into a hunting pant

Thinking outside the square, we went back to the drawing board. Designing a functional hunting pant with both knee pad and venting functionality was our ultimate goal. Finally, after much tweaking and prototyping, we settled on what we determined to be the supreme system. Our solution allows for quick and smooth operation when inserting the knee pads into the pant, it can even be done with only one hand.

Furthermore, we have eliminated any noise associated with the use of velcro closure. Our design uses premium YKK® zippers to contain the knee pad into the pant, we don’t use velcro. Also, our system incorporates a side entry knee pad insertion method that prevents the likelihood of dirt or debris from entering into the knee pad area while crawling. We found this to be a common occurrence with other design styles while prototyping.

Vented hunting pants with knee pads



  • Greatly extended venting capability
  • Knee pad ready
  • Protection and durability

Enhanced venting hunting pants with knee pads

The ability to vent excess body heat through your clothing systems can be a real advantage to the hunter in both cool or hot conditions. Convective heat loss can either help or hinder you depending on factors such as temperature and physical activity, so it’s important to control it effectively.

Our venting, knee-padded pants that feature our HardRock Vent Pouch™ further extend the pant’s ability to expel body heat. Traditional vented hunting pants normally use a zipper that begins around the hip and continues to the mid or lower thigh level.

Our pant solution greatly improves on other designs. Utilising a massive upper vent that extends from the hip to the knee. Coupled with our HardRock Vent Pouch™ that offers further additional pant venting below the knee. This effectively opens the entire side of the leg.

This combined double zipper venting configuration offers the ability to expel massive amounts of body heat. While also allowing the versatility to adjust airflow. You may unzip the hip vents or only the lower knee vents. Either or both, you may decide based on your preference, exertion levels, or temperature conditions.



For maximum durability and toughness that lasts, we accept no substitutes…CORDURA® Brand Fabric

It’s important to understand that crawling over rough and rugged terrain will eventually wear out conventional outerwear fabrics. For this reason, we worked closely with CORDURA® Brand Fabric to develop the most durable solution for our knee-padded hunting pants. With experience as an industry leader, CORDURA® brand fabrics have exceptional durability, and wide-ranging versatility and can be found in many premium products where durability counts.

Our hunting pants featuring the HardRock Vent Pouch™ utilise CORDURA® Brand Fabric reinforcement into high-wear areas. Giving you the confidence in knowing our knee pad compatible hunting pants are built tough for long-lasting durability.

Vented hunting pants with knee pads

Knee Pad


  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Durable

We have developed the ultimate hunting pants that feature removable knee pads plus enhanced venting functionality, providing a three-in-one solution. Offering durability, comfort, and relief to the mobile hunter. We have incorporated this feature into two pant styles. For warm to hot conditions, we have the Stone XT Pant. For those in cool to mild temperatures, we suggest the Boulder Pinnacle Pant. Offering you a venting, knee-padded hunting pant solution for most conditions.

Furthermore, we have custom, cushioning, and protective knee pads developed specifically for these pants. Our HardRock Crawl Pad is an ultralight knee pad made of hydrophobic EVA foam that may be adjusted according to a user’s specific leg length.

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