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The Original BUFF® is a seamless, tubular, multifunctional head wear accessory offering extremely useful versatility that can be used in many different combinations during both warm to cool conditions. Treated with Polygiene® anti odour technology and manufactured to not emit ultravoilet light.

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Product Overview

The moisture wicking microfibre fabric has been specifically treated with Polygiene® silver salt anti bacterial, anti odour technology; providing a permanent long lasting solution to prevent the build up of unwanted body odours. Furthermore, working closely with the brand BUFF® has led us to introduce the worlds first Original BUFF® developed to not reflect UV light, providing additional concealment from species that may see into the ultra violet spectrum.

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OmniVeil BUFF®

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Product Details
DescriptionThe Original BUFF® is a seamless, tubular, multifunctional head wear accessory offering extremely useful versatility that can be used in many different combinations during both warm to cool conditions.
Features• Ultralight
• Moisture Wicking
• Quick Drying
• Anti Odour
Activity• Active Energy Output
• Static Energy Output
• Spot and Stalk
• Mountain Hunting
• Rifle Hunting
• Bow Hunting
Intended Conditions• Mountain
• Temperate
• Arid
• Tropical
Product Specifications
SizeOne size fits most
Weight†All Sizes:36gm / 1.27oz
ColourEvade OmniVeil
Fabric Specifications
Composition100% Polyester Microfibre
Fabric Weight142 g/m2
Technology• Polygiene® Anti Bacterial
• Treated to not emit UV light
Fabric Features• Breathable
• Antimicrobial
• Quick drying
• Two way stretch
• Anti UV light

OmniVeil BUFF®

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†Average weight taken from 10 random samples.

Product Video

Polygiene® – Wear More. Wash Less®

What is Polygiene and how does it work?

  • Polygiene is based on silver salt (silver chloride) produced from recycled silver.
  • Silver chloride is naturally present in water and soil.
  • Polygiene particles have a large amount of silver ions per surface area. Due to the structure of the particles, very small amounts of silver are required for effective treatment.
  • Polygiene is co-applied with other treatments to the fabric during the finishing stage. This helps minimize the impact on the environment because additional energy or water is not required.

What are the benefits of Polygiene Odour Control Technology?

The silver salt (AgCl, silver chloride) in Polygiene inhibits and guards against the growth of odours from microbes such as bacteria, fungus and mildew.

Your garments, footwear and gear will:

  • Stay Fresh – Polygiene inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria for that fresh-all-day feeling. Odour develops when odour-causing bacteria settles into the fabric, mixes with sweat and multiplies.
  • Stay Hygienic – Polygiene helps prevent odour and prolongs the lifetime of clothing, footwear, gear and wetsuits, since the products are treated to resist deterioration by mold fungus and odour-causing bacteria.
  • Get a permanent effect – The treatment is permanent and effective for the lifetime of the product.
  • Be more climate smart
    • Wear More. Wash Less® – Polygiene treated garments can be used several times before washing and can be washed at lower temperatures which means that you save energy, water, time and money.
    • Longer lifetime of garments, gear and footwear – Fibers live longer without bacteria and excessive washing, and treated products are not discarded prematurely due to odour.
    • Less luggage can be used when traveling.
    • Recycleable – Polygiene-treated garments can be recycled when worn-out.
    • Polygiene is bluesign® approved – the textile industry’s demanding environmental certification with a life-cycle approach.

Any efffects when worn next to skin?

  • Background in the healthcare sector – Polygiene has its heritage in the healthcare sector and has undergone extensive skin sensitivity testing.
  • No interference with bacteria naturally occurring on the skin – Polygiene is active only on the material’s surface and does not interfere with bacteria naturally found on the skin, even when used for long periods of time1, 2. Tests also conclude that there is no identified risk from dermal and oral contact with silver treatments.3
  • Polygiene is not nano silver.

Environmental Impact

The best way to reduce a garment’s environmental footprint is to wear more and wash less. Polygiene makes this possible.

  • Wear More. Wash Less® – Consumers are responsible for at least 2/3 of the environmental impact of a garment during its life-cycle4, primarily due to their laundry habits. Lack of water is an acute problem in most parts of the world. Parts of Europe, the U.S. and Asia are already experiencing shortages of fresh water.4
  • Use textiles in a sustainable way – Man-made fibers like polyester will play an important role in meeting the world’s growing demand. We need to use textiles more efficiently, that is, clothing and gear must be made of the more sustainable synthetic fibers that stay fresh, can be washed less and last longer.5
  • Lower impact on environment when Polygiene treated garments are washed less – An independent life-cycle assessment (LCA) study shows that using Polygiene-treated polyester garment more than one time before washing, lowers the garment’s environmental impact compared to an untreated garment that is washed after every use.6

Polygiene works actively to educate retailers and consumers about the impact that we all have on the environment through the clothing and laundry choices we make. Wear More. Wash Less®, recycle and reuse!

Polygiene® Environmental

Hard facts

  • Polygiene Odor Control Technology is bluesign® approved, the textile industry’s demanding environmental certification with a life-cycle approach.
  • On the Oeko-Tex 100 list (I–IV) of approved products.
  • Registered under the EU Biocidal Product Directive and approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Meets the requirements of REACH, the EU’s chemicals legislation.
  • Polygiene treated garments and gear can be recycled in the Eco Circle® system and the Common Threads Garment Recycling Program.
  • Hoefer D and Hammer T. Antimicrobial active clothes display no adverse effects on the ecological balance of the healthy human skin microflora, ISRN Dermatology, 2011, 369603
  • Kawai K. Kawai method for testing skin irritation. Japan 2010
  • Assessment of nanosilver in textiles on the Danish market, Danish Ministry of the Environment, 2012:1432
  • Löfdahl A. Akut vattenbrist i världens megastäder (Water shortage in the worlds megacities), Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden 2012
  • “Well-dressed?”, Cambridge University, UK, 2006.
  • Rasmussen D and Slothuus T. Environmental Impact Comparison of Silver-Treated Textiles to Non-
    Treated Textiles. Science of the Overall Environment (under preparation). DHI, Denmark 2012;11809552.

Washing Instructions



To maintain optimum performance we recommend correct laundering of our products. Ensure all zippers and closures are fastened, machine wash using a gentle cycle with a water temperature not exceeding 30ºC (85ºF). We recommend using a mild odorless detergent intended for outdoor wear that does not contain UV brighteners. To ensure all detergent residues are removed from the fabric, a second rinse cycle is recommended.

The use of fabric softeners and bleach may affect the thermal, wicking and Durable Water Repellent capabilities of performance fabrics. We advise that no fabric softeners or bleach be used when laundering this product. Likewise, chemical solvents used in dry cleaning should be avoided. Do not dry clean.

The garment may be line dried after rinsing excess water. At all times keep away from direct heat. Do not iron.

Resource Information

For additional information on the features and functionality of this product, check out our Resource article:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes
Unreal product

From the camo pattern to its ability to breathe, an absolute cracker of a product.
Highly recommended.

Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes
Game changer

I actually bought more buffs as gifts for fellow bow hunters. They needed to experience the game changing ability of the buff concealing the face to enable direct line stalking while remaining undetected. I love this product and it has become an essential piece of my bow hinting arsenal

Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes

Great bit of gear. Would be happier if it were $10 cheaper

Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes
Comfy, not too hot

Fits well fully wrapped up, better than other buffs ive used


Great product can't fault it