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Pumice Crump Cap

folding cap
folding cap
folding cap
folding cap
folding cap


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Packable and Breathable

Lightweight and breathable to keep you comfortable when climbing or active. Quick drying perforated fabric will wick your sweat when overheating. The folding cap design allows for easy and quick storage into most pockets.

Intended Conditions
Temperate / Mountain
100% Polyester
62gm / 2.19oz
Perforated fabric
Foldable peak

  • Lightweight
  • Highly breathable
  • Quick drying
  • Easily packable
  • Internal sweat band
  • Elastic adjustment strap
  • Plastic adjustment buckle

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Lightweight cap for active hunting

Breathable and packable folding cap

Super breathable with a folding cap design. Easy to pack away when not required. Ideal for backpack hunting or situations where you have limited space.

folding cap
folding cap

Folding cap that packs easily

If you find yourself overheating due to physically demanding hunting situations. Simply take your cap off, fold it up and put it away. In this way allowing your head to cool off quickly.

Lightweight and breathable

Overheating can be a problem when you’re in demanding country. You generate a lot of heat from your head so breathable headwear can offer you relief when you start to get hot. The lightweight perforated fabric featured in this hunting cap is extremely breathable. Ensuring you remain comfortable and also concealed.

folding cap
folding cap

Camo that just works

Have confidence in your camo to keep you hidden. From woodland to mountains, whether stalking or waiting in ambush. You can trust in the proven performance of OmniVeil hunting camouflage.

Camo folding cap

The folding cap design allows you to easily pack it away. It folds down to a small size and will fit into most pockets. Allowing you to put it away or retrieve it quickly when required.

folding cap
folding cap

Easy to put away

Hunting in hard mountain country can be physically demanding. This is particularly true when climbing, where you will often find yourself overheating. Sometimes even with super breathable headwear, you just wanna take your hat off to cool your head. Not only does the folding cap design allow you to take your cap off and store it in a pocket. The plastic rear buckle also allows the cap to be easily attached to your pack harness or belt. Offering secure attachment without fear of losing your hunting cap while travelling.

Secure adjusting

Elastic adjustment webbing creates a secure fit without being constrictive. This can be ideal in windy mountain hunting conditions to ensure your cap does not get blown off.

folding cap

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Product Details
Description Breathable and packable. Folds away for easy storage. Quick drying fabric wicks your sweat when you are active.
Features • Lightweight
• Moisture Wicking
• Quick Drying
• Ventilation Features
Pursuit • Active Hunting - High Activity
• Static Hunting - Low Activity
• Backpacking
• Mountain Hunting
• Rifle Hunting
Intended Conditions • Mountain
• Temperate
• Tropical
Product Specifications
Size One size fits most
Weight† All Sizes:62gm / 2.19oz
Colour Camo (OmniVeil)
Adjustment • Rear buckle adjustment
Hardware • Foldable peak
• Plastic buckle
• Elastic webbing
Fabric Specifications
Composition 100% Polyester
Fabric Weight 138 g/m2
Technology • Perforated fabric
Fabric Features • Highly breathable
• 4-way stretch

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