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Pumice Binate Cap

flip up cap
flip up cap
flip up cap
flip up cap
flip up cap
flip up cap


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Extremely lightweight flip up cap

Extremely lightweight and breathable to keep you comfortable when hunting physically. Using quick-drying perfortated fabric to wick your sweat when you are active. The low profile flip up peak allows for unobstructed aiming with bow or rifle.

Intended Conditions
Arid / Tropical / Temperate / Mountain
100% Polyester
26gm / 0.92oz
Perforated fabric
Flip up peak

  • Ultralight
  • Highly breathable
  • Quick drying
  • Elastic rear binding
  • Low profile internal binding
  • Low profile peak
  • Two stage peak

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Camouflage flip up cap

High energy hunting

When hunting hard you need breathable headwear to maintain your comfort. Modelled off high exertion sports like running and cycling. This flip up cap is extremely lightweight and ideal for physical hunting pursuits.

flip up cap

Can the hunter benefit from other sports?

Bike enthusiasts have traditionally worn the cycling cap. Runners will also often use a running cap. Both are tough sports that need clothing to be lightweight and breathable. Likewise, hunting can also get hard. Particularly when you’re under physical exertion in demanding country.

We have taken the proven elements from other sports and adapted them to benefit the hunter. You end up with an ultralight and practical hunting cap. Extending your comfort range when hunting hard in physically demanding or tough country.

Flip up cap makes aiming easy

When aiming in preparation for the shot, your concentration is vital. Yet some hunters can experience distractions when aiming with headwear. Your head position together with the shape of your hat can create contact. For bowhunters, this can occur with the bowstring contacting the cap peak. While rifle hunters can experience a similar difficulty with the rifle scope.

This dedicated hunting cap uses a two stage peak that you can easily and quickly flip out of the way. In this way creating space when aiming, no matter the bow or rifle used.

flip up cap
Flip the peak down to help keep the suns glare out of your eyes.
flip up cap
Flip the peak up easily when you’re ready to take the shot.

For the active hunter

Wear the peak up for improved peripheral vision. Wear it down to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Ultralight, breathable, and fast drying

The perforated fabric wicks your sweat quickly, helping to keep you comfortable. It’s also ultralight, in fact, at only 26 grams (0.92oz) you will hardly notice you’re wearing it.

flip up cap

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Product Details
Description Flip up peak enables easier aiming when hunting. Developed for the active hunter. Extremely lightweight, breathable, and quick drying.
Features • Lightweight
• Moisture Wicking
• Quick Drying
• Ventilation Features
Pursuit • Active Hunting - High Activity
• Static Hunting - Low Activity
• Backpacking
• Glassing
• Spot and Stalk
• Rifle Hunting
• Bow Hunting
Intended Conditions • Temperate
• Arid
• Tropical
Product Specifications
Size Large
X Large
Weight† All Sizes:26gm / 0.92oz
Colour Camo (OmniVeil)
Hardware • Flip up peak
Fabric Specifications
Composition 100% Polyester
Fabric Weight 138 g/m2
Technology • Perforated fabric
Fabric Features • Highly breathable
• 4-way stretch

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