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Multifunctional BUFF neck gaiter

Extremely versatile face mask. Wear it in many different combinations. Highly breathable and quick-drying. UPF 50+ provides the greatest sun protection. While the 4-way stretch fabric ensures comfort against your skin.

Intended Conditions
Mountain / Temperate / Arid / Tropical
95% Polyester / 5% Elastane
36gm / 1.27oz
UPF 50+

  • Sun protection
  • Breathable
  • Quick drying
  • 4-way stretch
  • Anti UV light
camo buff neck gaiter

Camo BUFF neck gaiter

camo buff neck gaiter

Multifunctional Original BUFF neck gaiter

The TUSX camo BUFF neck gaiter offers you year-round comfort and concealment. Wear it in the summer to provide full-face sun protection. Additionally, you can also wear it in the winter for extra head insulation.

Extremely versatile

Wear it as a face mask, beanie, or bandana

BUFF face mask

Imagine you could get an extremely comfortable neck gaiter with maximum sun protection? What if you could get it in one of the world’s most effective camouflage patterns?

Use the BUFF as a face mask to fully cover your skin. Enabling you to stalk in closer when hunting wary game.

camo buff neck gaiter

Worlds first Original BUFF neck gaiter to not reflect ultraviolet light

The human eye cannot perceive ultraviolet light, but there are many animals that can. Research reveals that certain game species such as deer also see into the UV spectrum. 

This may be a problem to the hunter whose clothing emits ultraviolet light. For these untreated fabrics can alert game animals to a hunters presence. This is particularly true during dawn and dusk when deer and many other game species tend to be most active.

Due to this risk, we always ensure our production fabrics don’t reflect UV light. But we encountered problems when sourcing suppliers to produce our neck gaiter product. We found all printed samples were emitting UV light.

In the end, many failed attempts with different suppliers eventually led us to BUFF. Located in Igualada, Spain, they are the inventors of the Original BUFF neck gaiter. We began to work with BUFF in an attempt to solve the ultraviolet light problem. Finally being successful in developing a camo BUFF neck gaiter that did not reflect UV light.

Our camo BUFF face mask is the worlds first Original BUFF to not reflect UV light. Safeguarding any risk of being seen by species that can see into the UV light spectrum. Giving you confidence in your camouflage when hunting all species.

camo buff neck gaiter
Here we have two camo BUFF’s photographed under natural light. On the left, we have an untreated BUFF neck gaiter, while the one on the right has been treated. Notice there is no difference under natural daylight.
camo buff neck gaiter
When tested under a black light to show the difference in UV light reflection. The result is quite staggering. The untreated BUFF on the left is glowing brightly. While the treated TUSX BUFF on the right is all but invisible.
camo buff neck gaiter

UPF 50+ face mask sun protection

When stalking a bedded animal in the midsummer sun, you should always try to remain in the shadows. This will offer the best concealment while also keeping you from overheating. Sometimes though, you will find yourself pinned in the open, baking in the hot sun.

It’s times like these you will appreciate the full face sun protection of the camo BUFF face mask. Enabling you to remain focused with UPF 50+ sun protection.

camo buff neck gaiter

Breathable and comfortable neck gaiter

The highly breathable 4-way stretch fabric ensures you don’t get clammy. This combined with a seamless construction makes the TUSX BUFF neck gaiter a joy to wear. The ideal headwear accessory offering year-round performance.

Product Details

DescriptionSeamless, tubular, neck gaiter. Extremely useful and versatile. It can be used in many different combinations during both hot and cold conditions.
Features• Ultralight
• Sun Protection
• Moisture Wicking
• Quick Drying
• Anti Odour
Pursuit• Active Hunting – High Activity
• Static Hunting – Low Activity
• Backpacking
• Glassing
• Spot and Stalk
• Mountain Hunting
• Rifle Hunting
• Bow Hunting
Intended Conditions
• Mountain
• Temperate
• Arid
• Tropical

Product Specifications

SizeOne size fits most
Weight36gm / 1.27oz
ColourCamo (OmniVeil)
Topo Grey

Fabric Specifications

Composition100% Polyester
Fabric Weight142 g/m2
Technology• UPF 50+
• Treated to not emit UV light
Fabric Features• Breathable
• Sun protection
• Quick drying
• Four way stretch
• Anti UV light

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Keenan W. (Brisbane, AU)
Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes


Peter T. (Sydney, AU)

It is not as UV stable as your clothing.

Danny B. (Canberra, AU)
Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes
Great bit of kit

I use the buff not only for concealment on the final approach of a stalk but also to keep the cold wind off my neck on those winter hunt.

Arron W. (Geelong, AU)
Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes
Bloody good Buff

Comfortable, and breathable

Joseph F. (Brisbane, AU)
Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes
tusx buff

very good, VERY breathable even in 30+ temps

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