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Ultraviolet light falls just outside the visible spectrum of the human eye, as such we cannot naturally perceive this light without the use of specialised lighting equipment. However this may not necessarily be the case with other creatures of the animal kingdom. It is now widely accepted that bee’s along with other insects can see into the ultraviolet spectrum, helping them to find nectar in flowers who’s petals reflect ultraviolet wavelengths. Research reveals that birds too may be able to detect ultraviolet light. However, the landmark study in 1992 at the University of Georgia first revealed that deer also may actually be able to see into the ultraviolet spectrum. This may be problematic to the hunter whose clothing may in fact emit ultraviolet light, particularly during dawn and dusk periods when deer and many other game species tend to be most active. Untreated  hunting fabrics may possibly alert game species to a hunters presence during these times…

Due to this risk, we have always been vigilant to ensure all production fabrics we utilise do not reflect ultraviolet light. We did however encounter a problem when we began to source suppliers to produce our face veil products with all printed samples emitting ultraviolet light! Every sample we tested from numerous suppliers would glow brightly. Numerous failed attempts to rectify this problem eventually led us to BUFF®, located in Igualada, Spain; inventors and developers of the Original BUFF®.

We began to work closely with BUFF® in an attempt to rectify the problem of glowing fabric that may possibly be detected by the eyes of target species such as deer. Eventually being successful in developing a fabric that would not reflect ultraviolet light.

Our OmniVeil BUFF® is the worlds first Original BUFF® developed specifically to not reflect ultraviolet light, safeguarding any possibility of being detected by species that may be able to see into the ultraviolet spectrum, thereby giving the hunter an extra edge and confidence in the field.

ultraviolet buff
We tested many samples from numerous suppliers, however every sample tested exhibited a propensity to reflect ultraviolet wavelengths. Here we check two samples inside a light viewing booth.
ultraviolet buff
Photographed under natural ambient light, on the left we have a regular Original BUFF® printed in our OmniVeil™ camouflage, on the right is displayed our OmniVeil BUFF®. Note that there is no discernible difference noticed under natural daylight.
ultraviolet buff
When tested under a black light the difference is quite staggering, the untreated BUFF® is shown to glow brightly, while our OmniVeil BUFF® is all but invisible.
ultraviolet buff
Here we have both products turned inside out, with the exact same results observed.
ultraviolet buff
ultraviolet buff
ultraviolet buff
ultraviolet buff
ultraviolet buff
ultraviolet buff
ultraviolet buff
ultraviolet buff
ultraviolet buff


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19 thoughts on “Worlds first Original BUFF® to not reflect ultraviolet light

  1. What about your clothing is it treated to not show ultraviolet light?

    1. @Jayden Shipton Yes, we test all our clothing to ensure it does not emit UV light.

      1. Ok thanks

  2. I am in the need of new camo gear I might have to look into some strides and a couple of shirts

    1. @Darren Hay No problem, thanks for your interest and support… 🙂

  3. Awsome,

    1. @Bretto Shawyer Thank you

      1. Just a question when will it be available

      2. @Bretto Shawyer The product is already available, you may find it here:

        OmniVeil BUFF®

  4. What about a hydro wrap for firearms, bows etc?

    1. @Paul McKinnon We will definitely look into this however currently we are bogged down developing new clothing styles

  5. Looks like I need to upgrade my Tusx gear to this

    1. @Mark Jeffery If you already own one of our OmniVeil BUFF’s theres no need to upgrade. We have had our BUFFs made this way since the very beginning.

      1. I have stone top and bottom and winter weight jacket are these omniveil

      2. Thanks Mark, OmniVeil is the name of our camo pattern. You can learn more about it here:

        Evade OmniVeil

        As far as the other products you already have, yes they have all been produced to not emit ultraviolet light. You can easily test this yourself in a dark room with a black light.

  6. That’s why tusx is the best camo made

    1. @Mitch Brewer Thanks mate

  7. Hi,
    I am very impressed with the research that has gone into your pattern. I also came across the 1992 study into Whitetail vision while I was researching the best camouflage for deer hunting, it brings up the point about white/very pale colours reflecting all parts of the light spectrum, including the short wave blues/uv’s that deer are sensitive too. This may cause a hunter to be highlighted to the deer when not in snow/reflective habitat, even though the pattern may disguise the human form and not spook the deer, the blobs of luminance would make any movement more obvious to the deer and increase the chances of spooking it.
    The question I have is does your whole range of clothing use the BUFF non uv reflective material or just the headwear/veil?


    1. @Andrew Thanks for your inquiry, yes we do test all of our production fabrics to ensure they do not reflect UV light. None of our fabrics will do this. We encountered some problems when trying to manufacture our face veil, we soon discovered that all multi-scarf products use fabric that will reflect UV light. Many failed attempts with numerous suppliers eventually led us to BUFF® in Igualada, Spain; who are the originators of this product. Working closely with BUFF® we were able to produce a product to our specifications.

      When creating our pattern we were conscious to not only develop it to perform solely for species with dichromatic vision, otherwise most of the colors in our pattern may not have been necessary. Over here in the South Pacific we have many non-target warning species, namely birds. Birds see color and many have tetrachromatic vision, which means that they may also be able to detect the shorter wavelengths of light…another reason we are diligent about the UV reflection of our fabrics.

      Anyone who has sat in ambush by a waterhole in the outback of Australia knows how easily an emu can pick up your position if you are not careful, and when they flee they normally do in a panic stricken state; usually taking all nearby game animals with them. Likewise, anyone who has glassed Himalayan Tahr high in the Southern Alps of New Zealand knows how the mountain Kea can betray your presence by squawking in your vicinity…potentially alerting the game animals to your position. It is for this reason you see the colors in our pattern that we use, we aim for total concealment; not just from target species with dichromatic vision.

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