Base Layer Evaluation – Synthetic and Natural Fabrics

Base Layer

The base layer is an important consideration to the hunter who wants to maximise the performance of their layering system. The moisture management capabilities of a well-performing base layer cannot be overstated. Over the years there have been various fibres and fabrics used to produce base layer products. Synthetic fabrics have enjoyed dominance in the […] Read More

What’s your choice in base layer fabric?

choice in base layer

Broadly speaking, choice in base layer fabric can be classified into two major categories; natural and synthetic. Over the years during our own personal hunting adventures we have tried various fabrics in base layer garments; cotton blends, polypropylene, polyester, merino wool, bamboo blends, etc, etc… For us there has been two stand out fabrics – […] Read More

Understanding camouflage to improve your success in the field

Open Country Camouflage -featured_image

These days hunting camouflage comes in many forms and flavours. The vast array of choices can serve to motivate the hunting consumer, ever eager to deck themselves out in the “best” camouflage system available…but what really is the “best”? The ability of a camouflage to blend into an environment is based directly on the very […] Read More

The origin of our name

How do you pronounce TUSX? We often get asked this question. “Tus-ex”, “Tus-ix”, “Tussocks” or “Tusks”; these are all names we have heard mentioned to pronounce our brand. However, none of these are accurate, with the correct pronunciation of TUSX being TUSK… Many years ago and long before we developed a passion for stalking the […] Read More

OmniVeil Camouflage

hunting camouflage

OmniVeil Camouflage Background on Traditional hunting camouflage To the modern hunter, there is an overwhelming level of choice when it comes to hunting camouflage systems and designs. Most of the hunting camouflage patterns available today can loosely be separated into two categories; abstract and mimetic. To date the vast majority on offer by hunting apparel […] Read More