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The origin of our name

How do you pronounce TUSX? We often get this question. “Tus-ex”, “Tus-ix”, “Tussocks” or “Tusks”; these are all names we have heard mentioned to pronounce our brand. However, none of these are accurate, with the correct pronunciation of TUSX being TUSK…

Many years ago and long before we developed a passion for stalking the shy and secretive game species in our region, we would venture into marshes, swamps, temperate forests and outback regions…for we were only concerned with the pursuit of one animal, an animal we have always admired. Whose tenacity, strength, courage and elusiveness to this day we hold in the highest esteem. This beast being the wild pig…

I sometimes reflect on these times that were filled with adventure and the thrills of the chase. We travelled light…our only weapon being a stabbing knife on our belt and pig dog to our side. Over the years we developed a strong bond with our team of hunting dogs…there were four; Toby, Ben, Chad, and Jock.

Every dogs natural instinct is to hunt in a pack, and like many hunters we also share a strong inherent tendency to hunt…like has occured countless times throughout the history of our existence…man and dog once again created an alliance. Together we all became a team, we all became a unit…we became a pack…

During these adventures we would often be confronted with our fears, and in doing so were forced to overcome them when racing to the assistance of another in need while battling a fierce and angry boar…we learnt a lot about each other, the bond that had been forged was indeed strong within us all.

Alas, everything must unfortunately come to an end…the time when my hunting dog passed was filled with sadness and despair. I had learnt many life lessons from him; selflessness, loyalty, and sacrifice. One last time I buckled his leather breastplate onto him, a war-plate riddled with countless scars from many, many encounters battling fierce wild boars…and placed him into his grave. I have never hunted this way again, and have never since owned another dog…

Inside his grave I also buried my stabbing knife…and onto that blade I had there two words engraved…TUSK HUNTER.


Tony Stoyanovski



65 thoughts on “The origin of our name

  1. G’day tony, I’ve just read through the meaning of your brand name and it has brought back so many memories of my own. I too use to hunt with a well trained pack of hounds chasing big boars in the mountains of NSW until going further a field in search of these big hardy animals in the cape and gulf country which I called home for 6yrs. Many many big boars fell and too did my beloved mates. I picked up the bow 5 yrs ago and have not saddled a dog since. Awesome product guys

    1. Thanks Lonnie, yes hunting wild pigs with pig dogs is an action packed activity with many thrills, spills and camaraderie. Bowhunting is so different being quiet, stealthy and often solitary. I’m glad I got to experience those times with good mates and our team of pig dogs, we have some great memories as no doubt you yourself would also have in your own experiences. Thanks for your support, much appreciated.

  2. What kind of knife is that??

    1. It was an old WWII (I think) military bayonet that I fashioned into a pig hunting knife.

    2. I was gonna say quite the unique piece !

    3. Thanks, it was quite old when I got it and it saw a lot of use…

  3. Beautiful story and a great product!

    1. Thank you very much.

  4. Great read mate glad my i talked my son in to using your stuff

    1. Thanks very much mate, your support is truly appreciated.

  5. Loyalty, compassion, selflessness, morals, mortality, true friendship and adventure. Great to see a hunting apparel brand built on these values

    1. Thanks Aaron, being true to your values is an important thing to carry through life…:)

  6. The camp is working well over here in Southern California- great product.

    1. Thanks for your feedback and support Bernie…:)

    2. Dam auto correct- should have read camo pattern! I use the new Aussie Multicam uniform for work here and the Evade is far more effective in the local terrain/vegetation.

    3. Thanks again, we did spend a few years developing our camo pattern and its great to hear guys are finding it effective in many varied environments.


    1. Thank you…

  8. 20 years bowhunting and have all the different camos but TUSX is my only camo I wear now and it is the only camo I recommend to other newbies just starting out. Great product thanks Tony.

    1. Thanks very much Darren, appreciate your support.

  9. I respect and admire this post an incredble amount. Not many people hunt this way now or view it correctly and in my opinion it is the only way to hunt with dogs.
    In it together. Taking the same risks, such strong love/respect between all & no bigger thrill or rush. Deadset mad read.

    1. Thank you. Yes hunting in this manner sure is adrenalin filled and creates strong bonds.

  10. Can’t wait to get my new tusx out and get it dirty great stuff

    1. Thanks for your support mate.

  11. I dont wear Tusx but have hunted with many blokes who do. Regardless I have the utmost respect for what you have created. Hat off to you.

    1. Thanks very much mate, the most important thing is that as hunters we all stick together. You need not support us but as long as we all stand united to keep our industry strong and help ensure the hunting past time can perpetuate to the benefit of future generations…will be great to see.

    2. 100% mate. Everything you have created has really shown the above statement. Looking forward to see the Empire grow

    3. Thanks again mate…:)

  12. That’s a solid read! With everything you’ve done, you’ll be getting many people closer to those wild pigs than anyone thought possible. You have done your hunting partner proud mate!

    1. Thanks very much, back in those days I never imagined being in this current position…being just a regular guy who loved to spend time in the outdoors. All the positive feedback is a massive motivator and helps get through the many setbacks when attempting an undertaking such as this.

  13. Best camo I have ever worn. Not just for the invisibility but for the comfort and practicality. A godsend up here !

    1. Thanks for your support

  14. No other Camo comes close. Easily the best breakup pattern for Australia and New Zealand. Will never wear anything else

    1. Just don’t stop making it please!! Also any change of mind about making your pattern available for hydrographic dipping? Really want my binos stocks and scopes in tusx

    2. No worries, we are far from stopping. In fact we will have many new products comings so please stay tuned for future updates.

      Yes hydro dipping is something we will definitely get around to when we get through current workloads. We are still only a small team and working within our resources. Thanks again for your support.

    3. I look forward to seeing everything.

    4. Ill back him with the hydro dipping very keen

    5. Thanks guys, its a massive workload but we’ll work through it. Again much appreciated.

    6. TUSX go hard boys I love your product and your values

    7. Thanks Brian.

  15. Love the epic story. Glad I know a bit more about the camo I’m passionate about wearing out bush.

    1. Thanks very much.

  16. I remember you telling me how the name was pronounced and the story behind it at huntfest last year

    1. Yes most would not be aware of our names origin, glad to hear it’s appreciated. See you at Huntfest next time.

  17. Great story. I’ve always called it ‘tussex’. I’ll have to start calling it tusk now!

    1. Thanks mate, yes it can be confusing. But the word Tusk was registered as a business name long ago so we had to try and be creative…

  18. I know the fealing very well
    They put there life on the line just to please us

    1. Yes the instinct of the true pig dog is amazingly brave at heart…

    2. To true it a strong bond between man n dog

    3. Indeed it is…:)

  19. Respect. Thanx for sharing your adventure. Looking forward to giving the tusx gear a run up the cape..

    1. Thanks mate, good luck in the scrub…

  20. Love it, thanks for the fast reply yesterday as well when I asked for the mass of us uneducated haha

    1. LOL…thank you

  21. That’s a awesome story of hunter and mans best friend, I too gave away pig chasing when my loyal dog of many years passed away, the sport these days just isn’t the same, hence why I love to chase the cranky wild boars with the bow

    1. Thanks mate, yes it can be hard when a faithful companion departs us…

  22. A great story and a fitting tribute to a loyal warrior.

    1. Thank you, yes when hunting this way the bond between man and dog does indeed become strong…

  23. Full respect great words

    1. Thank you.

    2. TUSX is my favorite camo these days

      1. Thanks very much, we appreciate your support.

    3. Only camo gear worth using here Alfie Sawyer

      1. Thanks Darren, much appreciated.

    4. Sensational as always

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