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The origin of our name

How do you pronounce TUSX? We often get this question. “Tus-ex”, “Tus-ix”, “Tussocks” or “Tusks” are all names we have heard mentioned to pronounce our brand. However, none of these are right, with the correct pronunciation of TUSX being TUSK…

Many years ago and long before we developed a passion for stalking the shy and secretive game species in our region, we would venture into marshes, swamps, temperate forests and outback regions…for we were only concerned with the pursuit of one animal, an animal we have always admired. Whose tenacity, strength, courage and elusiveness to this day we hold in the highest esteem. This beast being the wild pig…

I sometimes reflect on these times that were filled with adventure and the thrills of the chase. We travelled light…our only weapon being a stabbing knife on our belt and pig dog to our side. Over the years we developed a strong bond with our team of hunting dogs…there were four; Toby, Ben, Chad, and Jock.

Every dogs natural instinct is to hunt in a pack, and like many hunters we also share a strong intrinsic hunting instinct…like has happened countless times throughout the history of our existence…man and dog once again created an alliance. Together we all became a team, we all became a unit…we became a pack…

During these adventures we would often be confronted with our fears, and in doing so were forced to overcome them when racing to the assistance of another in need while battling a fierce and angry boar…we learnt a lot about each other, the bond that had been forged was indeed strong within us all.

Alas, everything must unfortunately come to an end…the time when my hunting dog passed was filled with sadness and despair. I had learnt many life lessons from him; selflessness, loyalty, and sacrifice. One last time I buckled his leather breastplate onto him, a war-plate riddled with countless scars from many, many encounters battling fierce wild boars…and placed him into his grave. I have never hunted this way again, and have never since owned another dog…

Inside his grave I also buried my stabbing knife…and onto that blade I had there two words engraved…TUSK HUNTER.


Tony Stoyanovski



2 thoughts on “The origin of our name

  1. G’day tony, I’ve just read through the meaning of your brand name and it has brought back so many memories of my own. I too use to hunt with a well trained pack of hounds chasing big boars in the mountains of NSW until going further a field in search of these big hardy animals in the cape and gulf country which I called home for 6yrs. Many many big boars fell and too did my beloved mates. I picked up the bow 5 yrs ago and have not saddled a dog since. Awesome product guys

    1. Thanks Lonnie, yes hunting wild pigs with pig dogs is an action packed activity with many thrills, spills and camaraderie. Bowhunting is so different being quiet, stealthy and often solitary. I’m glad I got to experience those times with good mates and our team of pig dogs, we have some great memories as no doubt you yourself would also have in your own experiences. Thanks for your support, much appreciated.

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