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These days hunting camouflage comes in many forms and flavours. The vast array of choices can serve to motivate the hunting consumer, ever eager to deck themselves out in the “best” camouflage system available…but what really is the “best”?

The ability of a camouflage to blend into an environment is based directly on the very same environment it is attempting to hide its user within. Generally speaking, an inherently dark camouflage will best be served within a dark environment; think of the ninja suit worn by the assassins of feudal Japan, traveling during the dark of night, an all black suit can provide very effective concealment. Then imagine how ineffective this same suit would perform during daylight against a snow slope. With the opposite also being true.

This example serves to demonstrate how matching your camouflage to your environment can help give you an edge whilst hunting. But you can further enhance your chances of hunting success by being conscious of both the capability of the pattern you wear, and also the environment directly behind you.

The images below demonstrate a hunter standing completely in the open with no nearby cover. The tree line in the background is approximately 50 meters away. By understanding the unique capability of his chosen camouflage, and positioning himself for best effectiveness while being aware of the background behind; he is able to almost disappear while standing right out in the open.

Always be aware of a game animals line of sight. When stalking many common game species at ground level, remember their eye level is generally below ours. This often means that when at closer quarters they will likely be looking up towards a stalking hunter, this can lead a hunter to risk “sky lining himself”.

Look closely at your chosen camouflage; understand its capabilities and limitations. Always be conscious of what is behind you and try your best to position yourself for maximum effectiveness within your target species line of sight. We have personally used this technique with effectiveness, give it a try when your next in the field, you may find it may work for your also.

For more information about our custom camouflage, you may visit our page – EVADE CAMOUFLAGE. To learn more about the pattern used in the picture please visit out page titled OMNIVEIL.

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Open Country Camouflage

Open Country Camouflage

18 thoughts on “Understanding camouflage to improve your success in the field

  1. Any plans to release a pattern that includes blaze orange?

    1. Hi Ric,

      We do plan to return to camouflage development again in the near future. Previously we did experiment with using blaze orange within our current OmniVeil pattern, however the results were not satisfactory to us.

      We do have some concepts for a blaze orange camo pattern, however this will first need to be trialed and tested.

      Thanks for your suggestion.

  2. Will your products ever be available in Europe?
    It doesn’t have to be the latest products: surely a container-load of end-of-line clothing would sell.

    1. Thanks for your inquiry. We are still a relatively new brand and currently concentrating on expanding our range of products. Yes we will definitely look to have our products available in a broader range of destinations when we feel our products range is nearer to completion.

      Our products are available to worldwide destinations via this website. Thanks for your interest.

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  5. Awesome camo gear

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  8. Is that dargo high plains?

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