Base layer for hunting, what are the benefits?

While some hunters may overlook a base layer for hunting applications, the base layer can be considered an integral part of the hunter’s layering ensemble. This becomes more pronounced if your hunting style involves high exertion activities and consequently an increased sweating rate. Selecting the proper base layer for hunting can have a big impact on your thermal comfort level, so choosing one to suit your individual requirements can be an important consideration.

The main purpose of a base layer for hunting pursuits is not necessarily to create thermal insulation, as this can be achieved by the layers worn above it. Rather its main objective can be considered to be moisture management, that is, it is designed to manage the sweat on your skin’s surface. The moisture management capabilities of a well-performing base layer cannot be overstated. When our work rate is high we will have a propensity to heat up, our body will regularly deal with this condition by sweating to promote evaporative cooling. In this process, our clothing system may become wet with our own sweat.

base layer for hunting

Fast Drying

The benefits of a fast drying base layer can be advantageous when in wet environments…Clint crosses a South Westland creek loaded up after a successful bull tahr hunt.

Base layer to regulate your temperature

When climbing through rough terrain you will likely sweat from exertion. The moisture wicking capability of a well-performing base layer can assist with regulating your core body temperature allowing you to avoid the evaporative cooling effects of sweat on your skin, allowing better focus…

base layer for hunting
base layer for hunting

Keeping you warmer

Very cold conditions can provide unique challenges to your layering system, a well-performing base layer can greatly assist in regulating your core body temperature and aid with the sweat induced chilling effect…Clint deep in the mountains.

Moisture management

A successful hunt can normally lead to the high exertion levels associated with carrying out meat and antlers, a well-performing base layer can assist the hunter with sweat moisture management…Mick carries out a massive set of red deer antlers.

base layer for hunting

Wet clothing directly against your skin can have a dramatic effect on your overall comfort levels. Hunting, by its very nature, requires high levels of attentiveness; whether you are stalking slowly through a thick bushed gully, or glassing from the vantage of an exposed ridge, your concentration levels need to remain high in order to improve your chances of success. In a cold environment, and depending on circumstances; wet clothing can rob you of body heat through a varied process of evaporation, conduction and convection. This can easily lead to lowered concentration levels when pursuing game…for it can be hard to remain attentive if you are shivering with cold. The opposite may, however, be true in a hot environment. We sweat to cool the body when overheated, if the cooling effect of evaporation can be promoted and prolonged, it may extend our relief when faced with hot temperatures hunting situations.

Adding the right base layer for hunting circumstances can be an important addition to assist with the regulation of your core body temperature.

base layer for hunting

Base layers can be the perfect addition to high exertion activities

Wearing a base layer as a stand-alone item can be an advantage when backpacking under a heavy load. The highly breathable nature of the knit construction fabric can allow for major heat loss to occur when under exertion. While the fast drying nature of performance base layer fabrics will allow this item to dry quickly when the destination is reached…Pete travels up valley carrying a heavy load.

26 thoughts on “Base layer for hunting, what are the benefits?

  1. Merino or synthetic?!?! Thats the question!

    1. The boys were field testing both merino and synthetic base layers on these trips.

      1. I have used merino all my life and only recently used some top end synthetic. The synthetic is good/better is some situations but I think Merino is the best choice when we add in the environment/sustainability/supporting local economy

      2. Yes we have found the same things in our testing as you have experienced yourself. Both merino and polyester have their own advantages and disadvantages based on hunter activity workrate and climatic conditions. Our hunter surveys based on wearing merino / polyester harlequin half tops would probably surprise some, we will be sharing the results of this research over the next few weeks.

      3. Good stuff. Ive seen other people test mixed tops like that. Its a great concept. Good to see your putting in the real work behind the scenes! I will be interested to see what you come out with

      4. Thanks again, we will have lots of information coming before our official base layers launch.

  2. I’m ready. If it’s a merino synthetic blend, camo- I’ll buy two sets.

    1. I think you will like what we have coming…very soon.

  3. Good to see Aussie companies finally catching up with our US hunters when it comes to base layering…. So are u releasing a base layer system?

    1. Hi Robert, yes indeed we are. All the images feature production prototypes, products are coming shortly.

      1. Good, been looking at US companies last few weeks, first light, Sitka, kulu, but shipping makes it so expensive… Looking forward to see what’s coming, well done..

      2. No worries, I’ll think you will find that what we have coming is up there with the best.

      3. Well, I will hold onto my money then…. Rather spend it with you guys then O/S… U just need afterpay now…lololol

      4. Thanks for your support. We do have ZipPay available.

      5. U sell good gear, can’t fault that..

      6. Thank you 🙂

  4. Do you have any shows coming up in Vic? Keen to have a look at your gear in person. Cheers

    1. Thanks for your interest. We exhibit at Melbourne Shot Expo and the Wild Deer Expo in Victoria.

      1. Sweet! I’ll be at, at least one of them. Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to trying some gear on.

      2. No worries, we have many new products coming so you can expect to see some new styles there.

      3. Fantastic! Like what you have done with the comparison posts natural v synthetic.

      4. We have more to share comparing synthetic polyester and merino wool as next to skin base layer fabrics. Please stay tuned

  5. Man, I have 3 or so sets of winter camo.
    That I don’t wear anymore.
    I was converted after the first trip I decided to wear a base layer and light gear over the top.

    1. Yes selecting the correct base layer can minimise your layering system. The inherent qualities of a performance base layer means that it can assist with thermal temperature regulation, enabling you to feel warmer in cool climates through the base layers moisture management capabilities.

  6. So looking forward to this I need a good base system for a thru hike next year.

    1. No problem, we will have these products coming shortly.

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