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To the modern hunter, there is an overwhelming level of choice when it comes to camouflage systems and designs. Most of the hunting camouflage patterns available today can loosely be separated into two categories; abstract and mimetic. To date the vast majority on offer by hunting apparel manufactures utilise the mimetic style, that is, these patterns are designed to mimic their surroundings. They are intended to disguise hunters within a specific habitat by blending them in amongst the natural setting. Most of these camouflages patterns will utilise elements from within the target environment such as branches, leaves, grass, sticks,...

Created to deal with changeable conditions often encountered during the shifting of the seasons, this hard wearing, convertible hunting shirt is designed for cool mornings and mild days; easily going from heavyweight hunting shirt to fully functioning vest. Zip off sleeves allow this garment to vastly exceed the cooling capability of regular apparel venting. Our tightly woven face fabric with DWR finish allows for wind resistance and protection from the elements, negating the need for a membrane while maintaining fabric breathability.

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The centre back seam is an integral part of any pant design, creating the required shape for a well fitting garment. However, we have long identified this stitch line as a potentially high wear area for many hunters who spend time observing game from a seated position. The mountain hunter in particular can spend long periods behind binoculars or spotting scope, often seated on rough or rocky terrain.

The longer you participate in this form of hunting, the greater your chances for eventual seam failure to occur; exposing you to the risk of broken seam stitching along with the associated discomfort…

Created to deal with changeable conditions often encountered during the shifting of the seasons, this mid weight convertible hunting pant is designed for cool mornings and warm days; easily converting from full length hunting pant to functioning cargo short. Zip off legs allow this garment to vastly exceed the cooling capability of regular apparel venting. This garment utilises our NOSSEAMSEAT™; featuring a waterproof, breathable, DWR treated, hard wearing dry seat together with reinforcement inner cuffs using industry leading CORDURA® brand fabric; providing exceptional resistance to tears, scuffs, and abrasions.

Ultraviolet light falls just outside the visible spectrum of the human eye, as such we cannot naturally perceive ultraviolet light without the use of specialised lighting equipment. However this may not necessarily be the case with other creatures of the animal kingdom. It is now widely accepted that bee's along with other insects can see into the ultraviolet spectrum, helping them to find nectar in flowers who's petals reflect ultraviolet wavelengths. Research reveals that birds too may be able to detect ultraviolet light. However, the landmark study in 1992 at the University of Georgia first revealed that deer also may actually be...

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The internal band found within most hats is often the only point in direct contact with your head when wearing the hat. As such, in hot environments this is an area that generally collects and holds sweat as you perspire. Evaporation of the internal sweat band may also be hampered by the external hat fabric that is used to construct the product. Many times hats that utilise a draw cord adjuster will often have two layers of external fabric that is used to create the cord channel, further restricting the drying ability of the hats internal sweat band.

We have specifically designed the Boulder Summit Jacket for the active hunter who demands the versatility of having to cope with high output activities such as climbing and backpacking, combined with periods of low activity such as ambush hunting, still-hunting and glassing. In features a stretch woven face fabric bonded to a fleece backing that provides wind resistance, breathability and insulation. We understand the needs of the mobile hunter, and recognise the requirement to regulate core body temperature. Thus we have equipped this hunting jacket with features that will enable you to both retain warmth and expel excess body heat.

The base layer is an important consideration to the hunter who wants to maximise the performance of their layering system. The moisture management capabilities of a well performing base layer cannot be overstated. Over the years there have been various fibres and fabrics used to produce base layer products. Synthetic fabrics have enjoyed dominance in the past; in recent years natural fibres (namely merino wool) have gained massive popularity amongst hunters.

Camps remain divided between those that prefer natural and synthetic, and rightly so, both fabrics exhibit properties that make them very suitable for hunting applications.

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