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Extra wide brim sun protection

Protect your head from the hot sun when hunting in arid environments. The extra-wide brim ensures you’re shaded, while the camouflage keeps you hidden.

Intended Conditions
100% Polyester
105gm / 3.70oz
UPF 50+, EVA brim
Plastic cord lock, Rubber cord lock

  • Sun protection
  • Breathable
  • Quick drying
  • Internal elastic draw cord
  • Adjusting draw cord
  • Extra wide brim
  • Mesh for increased breathability
camo sun hat
Sun hat

Extra-wide brim providing maximum shade

camo sun hat

Camo sun hat for the hunter

You should always try to keep your head covered when in full sun conditions. The extra-wide brim on this camo sun hat makes sure you stay protected and avoid the sun. Furthermore, the camouflage design ensures you remain hidden.

camo sun hat

Sun hat for hot weather hunting

Faster drying

The internal sweatband is often the main point of contact with your head when wearing a hat. As such, this region generally collects and holds sweat as you perspire. In hot environments, this can lead to a damp and unpleasant feeling.

To improve your comfort, we have designed this sun hat with a mesh perimeter. Enabling the high sweat areas of the hat to evaporate much faster and help keep you dry.

camo sun hat
camo sun hat

Sun hat for hot weather hunting

Reduced clamminess

No one likes feeling uncomfortable when hunting in hot and arid environments. By choosing the right headwear, you not only improve your comfort but also increase concealment. The design of this camo sun hat allows the sweatband to dry faster. Providing you with better comfort so that you can better concentrate on your hunting.

camo sun hat

Product Details

DescriptionDeveloped for inland, outback, or coastal conditions the Stone Shade Hat features a wide brim design that provides sun protection in bright and sunny conditions.
Features• Lightweight
• Sun Protection
• Quick Drying
Pursuit• Active Hunting – High Activity
• Static Hunting – Low Activity
• Spot and Stalk
• Rifle Hunting
Intended Conditions
• Arid

Product Specifications

X Large
Weight105gm / 3.70oz
ColourCamo (OmniVeil)
Adjustment• Elastic cord lock rear adjustment
Hardware• Plastic cord lock
• Rubber cord lock

Fabric Specifications

Composition100% Polyester
Fabric Weight149 g/m2
Technology• UPF 50+
• EVA brim
Fabric Features• Breathable
• Quick drying
• Sun Protection

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Carlo S. (Canberra, AU)
Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes
Culo 1

Absolutely love the hat. Have not taken it hunting or fishing yet; however, have been using it heaps while working outside. The light weight style and fit feels like you are not even wearing a hat. The "Medium" size is a perfect fit for my large melon.

George M. (Beaverton, US)
Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes
Stone Shade hat

Hat is Excellent in Hot weather. Your search for the perfect camo brimmed hot weather hat is over. This hat had a lot of thought put into it by Tusk and is very evident when first handling it. The camo hat material breaths very well even in the slightest breeze. The black band around the top is extra breathable keeping your head cool in hot weather. The extra large hat size fits my extra large melon perfectly unlike other one size fits all hats that constrict causing discomfort. The hat brim design is the best I have ever seen for sun protection. It is low in the back keeping the sun off your neck better than any hat I have seen. The unique front brim profile is cleverly done and offers the best sun protection that does NOT interfere with your peripheral vision when spotting game off your left or right. I forget I am wearing this hat on hot days and find myself incomplete without it when outside. The camo pattern blends very well with any outdoor background. I am very picky with hats being I have had some serious skin cancer on my upper neck and this hat tops any brimmed hat I have ever had and I have a lot to choose from. This is my go to hat now when heading out in sunny weather. I searched far and wide on google for a camo hot weather hat and got lucky with this one. It is so good that I had it shipped to me in the USA. I am very Grateful that Tusk sells such a perfect hat and was nice enough to ship it to me. I look forward to purchasing Tusk products as they understand the needs of hot weather hunting gear that works. Just wish they would start offering some earth tone solid colors in the future for low profile in town jaunts.

Thomas T. (Makawao, US)
Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes


Dan B.
Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes

I love this hat. It has a nice wide brim to cover my face. It’s light weight and comfortable.

Shaun J.i. (Glen Iris, AU)
Would I recommend this product?: Yes
Is the fit true to size?: Yes
Great hat

I purchased the stone shade hat prior to Christmas! Have worn it fishing several times now and love the wide brim thin material in the head piece keeps me head cool! I highly suggest this hat in our hot summers!

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